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5 Reasons Why You Need UPS Preventive Maintenance

Posted by E-I Engineering on May 29, 2017 3:35:00 PM

For companies that have to deliver an uninterrupted critical power, preventative care must be a priority to save time and money caused by disruption. A preventive maintenance plan is the most effective way of counteracting this, and plays a critical role in the smooth operation and protection of sensitive electronics.

Nearly 70% of system downtime is preventable, with insufficient maintenance being one of the main causes. Although unforeseeable equipment failures, malicious attacks and service provider failures are sometimes unavoidable, employing a UPS preventive maintenance service plan will ensure that many potential downtime events are thwarted.

To be exact, here are five benefits of UPS preventive maintenance:


1. Minimized Risk of Downtime

A proactive maintenance approach allows you to monitor the ongoing health of your UPS. By scheduling regular inspections and checkups, you will alleviate the chances of part and component failures which lead to downtime. Preventative maintenance will also address any issues that could lead to a potential system failure, identifying and resolving problems before they have a chance to manifest.


2. Less Energy is Wasted

Generally speaking, when equipment is not maintained correctly it will drain more energy, driving up utility bills. Regular servicing will keep the UPS operating at peak performance, reducing energy wastage and costs.


3. Reduces Costs

Regular servicing will ensure a reduction in downtime; meaning that companies won’t be put at great expense because of the replacement of entire systems. Whilst the main financial saving is the deterrence of downtime, a well-maintained UPS should require minimal emergency servicing, if any at all. This in turn can cut service expenses by 50%.

In addition, a preventive maintenance program offers further cost savings through the conservation of assets. By extending the life of UPS components from 25-50% over their lifespan, UPS replacements are dramatically reduced1.


4. Fewer Complications

Preventive maintenance requires a detailed inventory of each part and component within the UPS infrastructure, but compiling such a list is no easy feat. Nevertheless, containing invaluable information such as serial numbers, service dates and location, which are linked in real-time to information on operational status, deficiencies and service history; inventories are an invaluable source for consultation. Such an inventory is also extremely beneficial to data center managers, enabling them to implement a proactive maintenance approach; not to mention the clarity it provides when assessing the efficiency of the entire power system. This specific and in-depth knowledge is also essential in planning for future repairs, service and replacement parts.


5. Improves budgeting

Future planning and budgeting is key to the success of any facility, and data center management is no different. Unexpected breakdowns are extremely costly. Imagine you suddenly have to replace your entire power distribution system – there goes your entire budget!

By having a preventive maintenance program in place, you can avert unanticipated failures and better plan for the future. Furthermore, part refurbishments and replacements can be predicted and anticipated, therefore you can build these into your forecasted costings and budget.


Whether your facility has an extensive UPS or just a single unit, that solution and your approach to maintaining it, is critical to the security, uptime and operation of your facility. By employing preventive maintenance, you can not only ensure peak performance, but also optimize energy efficiency and prevent costly downtime. Systematic inspections, testing and cleaning will also ensure that the various electronic and mechanical components of a UPS are functioning to their maximum potential. When problems are detected and repaired before they evolve into significant and often costly issues, the system is able to deliver the level of performance expected.

Preventive maintenance is the best option for companies who want to succeed in the long term, and therefore an essential activity worth investing in.

1Eaton Corporation


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